“Standing in my power” is now my mantra. The power and depth of that idea I find every day is deeper than the words themselves. The more I practice in presence, the more my power unfolds. Nancy helped me create tools for which I can use to turn reality around for myself. Breaking the cycle of haphazard thinking and using thought and self-awareness as one. Instead of being a cosmic kick ball for everyone else’s universe. I now trust myself enough to be my own creator. It’s not always easy, it’s work. But I have a clear understanding as to the path of the game of life. Nancy is very intuitive, receptive, tender, and understanding of the whole and not just the fraction of life. The connection in our sessions has always been clean and healthy and I talk about the work Nancy has done with me all the time with friends who are searching to figure out this crazy world we live in, in our minds and abroad.

Thank you Nancy for being the beacon of light, guidance and truth.

Mikal Safiyullah

Since I began working with Nancy I have made exponential progress in both my personal and business life. As a trusted ally in the “war on mediocrity”, Nancy has allowed me to replace some key limiting ideas and behaviors with love, hope, and confidence. Her ability to quickly identify personal stumbling blocks and creatively express ways to overcome them has helped me in ways that are still unfolding for me. I look forward to continuing our coaching work together and highly recommend Nancy to anybody who is seeking some personal jet fuel for the spirit.

Eric L.

Dear Nancy, rarely does a person come along with your intuition and knowledge, combined with the most powerful and effective way of guiding people to their truth and unlocking the doors to peace and freedom! My experience working with you as my Coach was fantastic. Your ability to create a safe space for exploration and growth is remarkable. Do I sound over the top?Well, for me that is the amount of insight, learning and change I was able to put into my life based on working with you! Thank you for making your talents available to the world and mostly for being there for me.

With Deepest Thanks,


Like so many of us, I tended to be my own worst enemy and kept tripping over habits that prevented me from moving on toward long sought goals. Nancy was able to help me focus on those habits and come up with a strategy on how to reduce their grip. Simply put, she got me to act. She’s professional yet very easy to talk to. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Thanks for being there, Nancy.


We all have secret dreams and I am no different…In just one session with Nancy I was able to not only identify and express what my secret dream was, but then start to put it into action in my life. Nancy gave me permission to really go for what I want and not settle, and she also helped me to realize what forces had been holding me back for so long! Somehow, by sharing with such an encouraging, supportive, and enthusiastic person as Nancy, I have begun to create the life I truly want and am attracting amazing people to help me realize that dream. Nancy is a truly inspiring person and I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to fulfill their life’s potential.

Stella Davies

Nancy is not just doing her job, she’s making authentic human to human interactions, focusing on the individual in order to creatively and innovatively develop a plan that feels right to them. Aside from listening to problems like most Psychologists and Coaches, she also asks insightful questions to stimulate thought and increase emotional awareness. Her healing soul is filled with love, acceptance, and strength, standing out like a star in the night sky; yet she is down to earth with an open and approachable personality. Every week I look forward to seeing my role model and mentor to receive friendly and healthy feedback and encouragement. I appreciate the work she’s done with me so much.



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